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Is Cannabis more dangerous than Alcohol?

And if they’re both ‘proven’ to be unhealthy for you, why is one legal while the other remains illegal in England. The kicker is, Cannabis can be grown locally, marketed and distributed for capital, creating an economic boost and produce and maintain thousands of jobs.

The negative point I always hear is “Cannabis is proven to push people into Mania or Schizophrenia if they are susceptible to those states.” 
Well guess what. Alcohol can make people violent, extremely ill and with a sustained level of intake, dead. Cannabis has been shown to have therapeutic pain and anxiety relieving benefits (I would know, I’ve smoked a lot in my time), and this positive, calming effect is golden to those who are in much worse health conditions, for example Cancer, Parkinsons, ALS/Motor Neurone diseases and many more.

I don’t understand why those who choose to partake in this illegal 'subculture' are persecuted to up to 5 years in prison for posession, and/or an unlimited fine. Oh wait, I remember that we are all stereotyped as the small minority who stagnate in their own waste and get high all day. Those who are too selfish to get up off their own ass and help themselves, and inadvertantly worsen the stance of the rest of us, who are then too scared to even speak out at discrimination to persecution over fear of inexorable, unjust and unrelenting Law enforcement.



When you see someone wearing a shirt of your favorite band


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